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We accept many types of dental insurance. To be safe you should call the office at (407) 740-6500 to verify whether of not we accept the type of insurance you have. Our staff strives daily to stay on top of the many insurance questions you might have; however, we never claim to know all that can be known about your individual policy. Remember your insurance contract is between your employer and the insurance company. When they negotiate their contract with the insurance companies certain restrictions may be part of the policy. You should read your policy carefully so that you can fully understand if there are any limitations or exclusions.


To assist you with your insurance questions, we can help with; pre-authorizations, claim filing, and claim tracking. We are always happy to file your insurance claim for you as long as we have all the necessary information.


Please Bring the Following Information:


  • Date of Birth of the Person Who Is the Employee and Holds the Insurance

  • If Possible Complete the New Patient Forms Found Below

  • Name of the Employer the Insurance is Through and the Group Number

  • Name of the Insured Person

  • Name, Mailing Address, and Toll Free Phone of the Insurance Carrier

  • Social Security Number of the Insured

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